Problems with commercial roofs on industrial buildings are common. The roof should be a sturdy structure that protects you and your employees, and it becomes a dangerous liability when it doesn’t do its job.

Here are three of the biggest problems with commercial roofs and how you can fix them.

Problems with Commercial Roofs #1: Roofing Leaks

The most common problem with commercial roofs lies in the roofing itself. This is often not done professionally or is already so old that damage to the roofing occurs over time, and leaks arise. If water penetrates the roof—even if only minimally — this can entail considerable costs.

Commercial roofs are typically flat and constructed so that the water on the roof surface can always drain off safely. However, if the roof covering wears out,  the water can no longer drain off in places and sits on the roof.

This becomes a huge problem, especially in long periods of rain. The water doesn’t evaporate but continues to stand on the roof surface. The water affects the material and gradually penetrates the building. Standing water causes further damage to the roof, the structure, and, in the worst case, to the facility underneath.

Problems with Commercial Roofs #2: Poor Craftsmanship

Poor craftsmanship can cause many problems with your commercial roof and ultimately cost you far more money. It’s understandable to try and save costs where you can, but a roof should never be a project in which to cut corners.

The resulting damage of poor quality is usually only noticeable after a few years. Hiring a roofing or construction company based on the lowest bid could be very expensive. If your commercial roof isn’t built correctly by skilled experts, roof damage can arise quickly, ruining a business and a reputation.

Skilled work alone is not enough. The materials also must be appropriate for the project. When it comes to the roofing of industrial and commercial buildings, you can use many kinds of materials. The choice of material plays a vital role in terms of price because some materials are much more durable and are therefore particularly well suited for commercial buildings. But even the best material is useless without proper and regular maintenance and care.

Problems with Commercial Roofs #3: Clogged Gutters

Dirty and clogged gutters are another common problem. These are often the trigger for various issues, especially in industrial buildings, and are directly related to insufficient maintenance.

Rain alone doesn’t clog gutters but leaves often do. The leaves cause dirt deposits, and the rainwater compresses them, packing them tightly together and making a clog worse. Clogged gutters ensure no water drains as the gutter overflows, affecting the roof and the façade, leading to significant problems.

Even if there are no trees near your industrial building, you should have the gutters checked regularly. Routine roof maintenance usually takes care of this problem before it becomes a serious dilemma.

The Best Way To Solve Commercial Roofing Problems

The best way to solve your commercial roofing problems is to work with a dependable company that helps you with maintenance and repairs. A great contractor will examine your roof, see its vulnerabilities, and discuss how to solve the issue together.

To avoid these costly and time-consuming situations, call SCS Construction. We specialize in design, construction, and maintenance services. Your business will benefit by working with our reliable professionals. Call us today at 317-272-0129 to see what we can do for you.

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