Technology is ramping up in the construction industry. Professionals are now using drones in aerial imagery to enhance planning and building. In fact, experts use drones for everything from accurate bidding to surveys, updates, and safety.

Imagine the efficiency of a commercial project. Contractors can safely and accurately bid on a project. Specifically, knowing the exact topography and quality of the soil right away. This without having to hire separate teams or use outdated information increases efficiency and accuracy.

Even better, what if they could more accurately estimate overall costs because the previously unknown variables have been evaluated beforehand? Take a look at what drone technology offers and how drones are used for all construction phases.

Using Drones During the Research Phase

From LiDAR to infrared, detailed topography is now easier. It’s now as easy as hiring a contractor with the proper knowledge and equipment to survey the site with drones. They capture the most up-to-date information possible, allowing them to provide more accurate bids due to fewer unknown variables. That wastes less time and a solid foundation for your project.

Companies no longer have to use a manual survey tool mounted to a pole on the ground for land mapping. Now professionals are wholeheartedly embracing aerial imaging are proving this technology is safe, efficient, and superior. They can assess the plot of land in question and the surrounding area and easily project future expectations and expansions.

Using Drones During the Construction Phase

Keeping a large construction site on track is no easy feat. Especially if a contractor can only see certain portions of it from less-than-ideal angles. The ability to monitor progress and catch issues early is important. It can make the difference between a successful project and one that must be reassessed repeatedly. Clients get up-to-date visuals of the progression, with detailed explanations and imagery that is easy to see.

This technology also creates a safer environment for inspectors and clientele. For example, it reduces the number of people traversing the site. In addition, aerial footage ensures everyone gets up close. That is, without having to harness in and climb scaffolding or crawl along the ground to see the progress.

The Post-Phase – Completion and Maintenance

Not every project ends when the ribbon is cut. A reputable company will offer a six-month and one-year walk-through warranty. A contractor can provide an honest assessment and quickly address issues with drone technology. They can also assess buildings for general maintenance requests and save time finding problem areas. It’s very effective, especially if they weren’t part of the original construction company.

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