“Interior Concepts of Indiana has worked with SCS Construction over the past 9 years. SCS has stood out above other general contractors with their professionalism, project management and scheduling abilities. This performance results in smooth operations of material deliveries and man power scheduling. With projects moving at record speed completion dates, we would be unable to maintain schedule without the dedication that SCS has brought to the table. SCS gives us the opportunity to provide the most competitive bid due to knowing the project will progress as outlined to owner and subcontractors. Final result is the end user receives a premium finished project at economical cost and all trades involved complete a project to be proud of with a profit.”

Drake Donley

Project Manager, Interior Concepts of Indiana

“I have been the Project Manager for our company on the Decatur Central High School project that SCS Construction Services is managing. We have completed numerous school projects in the past 25 years and find SCS to be one of the top performers when it comes to scheduling, phasing and overall coordination of a project. The team SCS assembled for this large project has all the key experiences, their Field Superintendent, Project Engineers and Project Manager are continually on top of the administrative as well as field issues that can often times slip through the cracks.”

Dan Babcock

Vice President, James Babcock

“Indy Steel Erectors would like to extend our gratitude and commend your company on a job well done at the Decatur Central High School renovation project. The professionalism from top down to the coordination in the field exemplifies your company’s willingness to produce a quality product, meeting all safety goals, ahead of schedule and below budget. Your experience and understanding of construction activities was evident on how the specifications and scopes for all trades were written. By addressing the standard construction activities for each trade and those scope issues that are sometimes vague in contract documents allowed the owner to have competitive bids. And it did not stop there! Your field personnel of Kent Kirkman, Billy Rose, Kyle Kennel and Trevor Peterson knew the owners intent. They listened to subcontractors, coordinated and schedule a plan, then executed the plan. As change items came up they addressed these issues immediately and stayed on top of the schedule. I cannot speak highly enough of SCS Construction Services and I’m looking forward to being apart of your team on the next project.”

John M Sinovic

Office Operations, Indy Steel Erectors

“SCS Construction has been a good addition to our core group of contractors that we frequently work with. We have a good rapport with both the office and field personnel. I look for our mutual endeavors and respect to continue to grow well into the future.”

John D. Ryker

President, Midwest Decorating Co., Inc.

“I would like to take this opportunity to discuss SCS – and their qualifications as a Construction Manager. GPI has dealt with Scott Peterson of SCS before he helped form SCS and have had success in dealing with him and have found that his leadership on past projects has been influential to the projects success. He has the ability and mentality to grasp the “big picture” of the tasks at hand to ensure a project maintains its proper flow, which is necessary for an overall successful job. He maintains a fairness from all points of view which, for the most part, keeps all parties involved working together for a common goal. I feel that their experience would benefit any and all that employ SCS as a Construction Manager. They are a true Construction Management company. Please feel free to call me should you have any other questions regarding SCS.”

Roch Richardson

President, General Piping

“Patterson Horth General Contractors has been working with SCS Construction Services on this project since February of 2007. This project has progressed extremely well due to the professional pre-planning, coordination and support  of SCS Construction Services. It is obvious, since the design and bidding phases, that SCS fully understands the processes that need to happen to have a successful project, not only for the owner and the architect, but for all contractors involved. SCS has a genuine concern and responsibility that this multi-million dollar project will be completed in the owners best interest and has also been extremely fair with all contractors and suppliers involved. Our firm looks forward to working with SCS Construction Services again and we would highly recommend them for their professional services for any future projects.”

Larry Wilder

Manager of Estimating, Patterson Horth, Inc.

“You could not ask for a better general contractor. From there superintendents to project managers, support staff, and their owner. They excel from ground up projects to tenant finish work. It has been our pleasure to work with Scott and his personal over the last few years.”

Gary T. Christ

Owner, JAC & Associates

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“I have been fortunate enough to work with SCS for the last year at the Decatur Central High School Addition and Renovation. I have come to know their Field Staff very well during this time. This particular project is extremely large and very involved with the different phases and the many different Contractors that it takes to do a Project of this size. They seem to me to give the Owners interest the highest priority while not jeopardizing the Contractors well being. As may be expected there are many unanswered questions with a project of this magnitude and getting these questions answered in a timely fashion is extremely important to keep the proper flow of the job going. They get these questions answered quickly and sometimes have submitted the question to the Architect before the Contractor asks the question. I have been in the Masonry Field for quite a few years and I have worked with many different Construction Management firms, but this is the first time that I have seen a Construction Manager devote an on site Project Manager, two Project Engineers, a highly qualified Project Superintendent and the Company’s Vice President who has a hands on approach every day to an Individual Project. Maybe this is the reason this is one of the best run projects that I have ever been associated with. I have been on jobs where the individual Contractors seem to freelance their work and not follow the set schedule. On this project SCS has put together a workable schedule where the individual Contractors are not working against each other but with each other. This Jets the Contractors do a better and cleaner job which bodes well for the owner. SCS strives to keep harmony among all the Contractors which can’t be an easy task due to the number of Contractors on this Project but somehow they make it work. Safety for the individual worker is also a major concern for SCS. They utilize a Safety Consultant plus they have their own on site Competent Person to make sure that everyday is a safe day. The fact that there have been no major injuries on this project speaks volumes to their commitment to Job Site Safety. It is my opinion that any Entity that is looking to expand their present Facility or build a new Facility would benefit greatly from using the services of SCS Construction Services. Speaking from a personal stand point, I am hoping to work more often with SCS because of their commitment to not only the Owner but the Individual Contractor as well”

Frank Crafton

Head Estimator, Batts Construction, Inc.

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