What makes SCS unique is our concentrated planning process with great attention to detail. We thoroughly review all documents before groundbreaking takes place. This process makes the project run as smooth as possible by limiting the opportunity for problems to arise during construction. We break projects down into four distinct parts and ensure we have completed each phase satisfactorily before moving to the next.

The following is our list of construction phases and the tasks we complete per phase:

Pre-Construction Phase

➢ Develop pre-construction and estimating schedule
➢ Attend meetings
➢ Manage value engineering process
➢ Prepare budgets at predetermined milestone dates
➢ Prepare site logistics plan
➢ Prepare phasing plan
➢ Prepare specifications and work scopes
➢ Perform quality check of bid documents
➢ Manage the bid projects
➢ Assemble project team

Construction Phase

➢ Staff pre-construction start-up meeting
➢ Contract procurement
➢ Establish billing process
➢ Develop baseline schedule
➢ Develop project specific quality control plan
➢ Develop and implement safety plan
➢ Supervise construction operations
➢ Manage construction information
➢ Review and process change orders
➢ Timely inspections

Post Construction Phase

➢ Timely completion of punchlist items
➢ Timely submission of as-built documents and drawings
➢ Complete training
➢ Final retention release

Warranty Phase

➢ Six month inspection of systems
➢ One year warranty walk through
➢ Follow up