During the preconstruction phase, we collaborate closely with you to finalize budgets & estimates, designs, specifications, works scopes, construction drawings, permitting, schedules, phasing plans and logistics.  

Our aim is to ensure that every aspect of your project is meticulously accounted for, allowing for a seamless execution without any unexpected surprises in the future.  

We understand that every detail has a significant impact on both your budget and your peace of mind. Throughout the entirety of the project, we provide you with a comprehensive range of options, offering our professional recommendations, and allowing you ample time to make well-informed decisions. 

With a strong emphasis on attaining your objectives, SCS Construction works hand in hand with the design team to carefully select systems and materials, while also making necessary adjustments to designs to ensure optimal constructability.  

This tried and tested approach serves as a guiding principle throughout the design process, establishing important milestone dates and providing accurate budget estimates. 

Pre-Construction Phase

➢ Develop pre-construction and estimating schedule
➢ Attend meetings
➢ Manage value engineering process
➢ Prepare budgets at predetermined milestone dates
➢ Prepare site logistics plan
➢ Prepare phasing plan
➢ Prepare specifications and work scopes
➢ Perform quality check of bid documents
➢ Manage the bid projects
➢ Assemble project team

Training, communication, and safety gear all contribute to workplace safety.
The construction project sequence encompasses all aspects of building from start to finish.
Commercial excavation is more than digging a hole for a foundation and landscaping after construction is complete. Lots more.