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Concrete is one of the most important materials used in the construction industry.

It is strong, durable, versatile, and economical for both interior and exterior applications. SCS Construction brings skill and experience to every project because the life of your concrete structure begins with the initial installation. Our proficiency in design and knowledge of the material extends to maintenance and repairs that extend that life, saving you time and expense. Dedicated to developing effective and economical construction solutions, SCS Construction can help you diagnose your concrete issues and needs and create a plan to solve them.


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As a building material, concrete is unparalleled in strength, durability, longevity, and resilience. Its fire resistance, sound insulating, and energy efficiency only broaden the benefits and appeal of using concrete in construction projects. Whether it is a new building or facility, or an added dumpster pad, curbs, and sidewalks, concrete is a material that is used continually for new construction, additions, and upgrades to your facility and property.

The initial installation of concrete is important. The grading of land, the methods used, such as the accurate leveling of floors, foundation, and footings is critical. SCS Construction professionals are skilled with years of experience and knowledge of the correct application and installation of concrete, which means you never have to question if the job is done right. When you are planning the construction of new drives, pads, curbing, ramps, or steps, you can count on SCS Construction to meet your needs, community codes, and provide exceptional results.



While concrete is one of the most durable, economical, and versatile materials in the construction industry, it will deteriorate over time. Without repair, the deterioration compromises the structural integrity of a building or structure as well as diminishes the appearance, and creates hazardous or unsafe conditions, all of which result in the need for replacement and higher costs for your business.


    Common Causes of Concrete Deterioration

    Routine Use: Ongoing human and vehicular traffic erodes concrete surfaces causing cracking, scaling, spalling, crumbling, and eventually, holes.

    Water & Chemical Damage: Water damage occurs due to cleaning, damaged water lines or flooding that undermines the ground beneath a concrete structure for a loss of support, causing a collapse. Concrete exposed to certain acids, salts, alkalis, and deicers deteriorates due to chemical reactions, leading to concrete disintegration.

    Freeze-thaw Cycles: Water typically expands about 9% when it freezes. Repeated cycles of expansion and contraction in concrete that is not air entrained eventually causes cracking, scaling, and crumbling.

    Steel Corrosion: Steel rebar used for additional support in concrete can corrode. The rust created occupies a greater volume than the steel, causing stress to concrete, which leads to cracking, delamination, and spalling.

    Postponing repairs can be costly. We work closely with our clients to diagnose conditions and develop solutions to repair concrete structures, extending durability and the need for complete replacement.


    Maintaining the integrity of your concrete structures not only improves appearance it also saves you money. Traffic and daily use erode the surfaces of concrete. Unaddressed, the erosion reduces the life of the concrete and is a potential safety hazard. Parking lots, drives, dumpster pads, and sidewalks are especially prone due to the volume of users and the weight of cars, trucks, dumpsters, and other equipment. Patching and sealing prevent additional deterioration and reduces the potential for slips, falls, and vehicle damage.

    Guarantee of Satisfaction

    From pre-construction to project close and regular maintenance to repairs, SCS Construction is experienced in designing and providing full-service interior and exterior concrete structures and services. Honesty, integrity, and commitment to client satisfaction are our top priorities. SCS Construction promises a quality product, completed on time, and within budget.

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