Planning to have any work performed on your commercial property either through renovations, remodeling or new construction? it is extremely important to have a general contractor oversee the work.

Why Hire a General Contractor?

When you hire a commercial general contractor, he makes sure the job is done correctly from start to finish with minimal delays and maximum efficiency. Notably, the following detail some important advantages hiring a general contractor brings to your project:


License and Bonding


An experienced, professional commercial contractor will be licensed and bonded. This protects them as well as you. Licensing and bonding provides protections from mistakes, damages, injuries, and any mishaps that may occur throughout the process. In addition, a contractor that is bonded has shown a track record of responsible and safe work. They may be considered high risk if they have had too many incidents. Often, high risk results in denial for bonding.


Strategic Planning


A general contractor has the experience and the network necessary in order to assemble a build from start to finish. They develop a plan that incorporates your needs, detailed schedules, and clear budgeting. Under those circumstances, the plan becomes the foundation and road map for the entire project.




One of a general contractor’s main responsibilities is keeping your project organized and running smoothly. They oversee the entire project ensuring everything is in place when needed to prevent  delays. They keep track of, and mind the details so you don’t have to.




Your general contractor will keep you up to date on every aspect of the project. They will be your single communication point for every detail of the project. You will not have to reach out to several independent subcontractors. Moreover, you also have the option to share your ideas and requirements with a general contractor. He can then identify custom options or solutions that satisfies your needs. IN other words, a general contractor’s experience means solutions.




A general contractor is responsible for all the paperwork surrounding your project. They can do so easily because of their experience. Another key point to remember is that the general contractor has eyes and ears on the project every single day. They have boots on the ground and processes in place to capture all records in an organized fashion. Best of all, their professionalism eliminates time and worry for you.




A good general contractor knows the contractors in your community. Furthermore, good general contractors know the history and work quality of subcontractors. With this knowledge, general contractors hire the right subcontractor. Those whose works results in the highest quality in the least time and for the best price.





Construction projects can span from a few months to years. A general contractor knows the building process and how to plan accordingly. Specifically, they know when to order materials and how many men to engage for each phase of the project. In other words, they will make sure your project is completed as quickly as possible without any sacrifice to quality. In addition, they create a schedule at the front end of the work, so you know when to expect the the final, completed project.


Problem Solving


It is inevitable that the unexpected WILL happen within the span of your project. No one can completely predict every aspect of every project. Your general contractor solves problems and challenges that arise. As a result, they avoid as much disruption as possible to the flow of the project. The contractor manages the budget and the time for your project. This allows you flexibility even if you need some minor adjustments during the project. The bottom line: Your general contractor works so that the project proceeds as smoothly, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible.




A good contractor monitors the work being done throughout the project. They watch for the purpose of ensuring you receive the highest quality materials and workmanship within your budget. They identify and resolve problems that arise throughout the build and answer any questions you might have.



The general contractor is responsible for knowing and adhering to all local codes. Experience with projects in your community includes experience with the codes and the authorities regulating the codes. The entire process of getting and timing permits can be challenging. However, with familiarity with the codes and subcontractors, the general contractor has a regular process built into the plan.




A good commercial general contractor not only has the skills and experience to make sure the construction aspect of the project is handled correctly. They must also have a mind for business and business practices. Sourcing the best quality and price for materials, budgeting responsibly, and scheduling work saves you time and money. For example, general contractors negotiate prices for materials and labor better than a building owner. Their relationships with vendors means they have greater purchasing power. This results in your dollars going farther.


A general contractor offers sound business practice with a good mind for quality. Do the research before you hire. You want to engage contractors dedicated to their craft. Professionals take great pride in producing the highest quality of workmanship possible.


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