Adding value to your commercial building might be easier than you think. When you work with the commercial construction professionals at SCS Construction, you can rest easy knowing your upgrades will instantly increase its appeal in the real estate market. Our specialists only work in commercial construction, taking on many roles at once, such as designer, architect, and general contractor.

If you want to add value to your commercial building, here are five easy ways to start:

1. Update Your Storefront

Whether it’s just your entrance that needs an update or the entire building’s façade, updating your look with contemporary designs and trends adds immediate value to your business or facility. For instance, installing a new façade or entrance enhances curb appeal while maintaining the original aesthetic of your property. Another example, you can impress current and potential tenants with a modern and exciting look. Without a doubt, updated façade or entryway enhances your building’s image, taking a renter’s experience from boring to something more innovative and inviting.

2. Don’t Neglect High-Traffic Areas

Many times, business owners overlook high-traffic areas. Add value to your commercial building by focusing on small spaces that get a lot of use. Almost everyone who enters your building sees and uses hallways and bathrooms, so keeping these areas updated and impactful makes sense. It’s also important to keep your facilities functional for everyone by ensuring that hallways are wide enough for wheelchairs and elevators and workspaces are conveniently located. Consider updating these areas to ensure their quality matches your overall brand quality.

3. Improve Lighting

One of the most affordable ways to add value to your commercial building is by installing better lighting. Better lighting improves the appearance of all spaces while being more energy-efficient. Recessed lighting maximizes light levels without affecting the visual flow of space. Choosing the right light temperature can influence the people working or living inside your building. Installing LEDs provide you with significant savings in your pocket in the long term.

4. Be Environmentally Friendly

Buyers are concerned with the environmental impact of purchases now more than ever. Upgrading your commercial building in environmentally friendly ways can lower costs, increase value, and look more enticing to potential renters or buyers. To add value to your building, consider using low-flow plumbing appliances, harnessing solar power, or recycling building materials when you renovate. By focusing on these environmentally friendly upgrades, you’ll create a more functional and dynamic workspace. Tenants will be happier and more productive.

5. Stay Current with Necessary Repairs

The most basic way to add value to a commercial building is simply by keeping everything functioning optimally. Delaying repairs can be incredibly costly in the long run. Make sure all electrical and plumbing issues are repaired immediately. Better yet, take preventive measures by letting the experts at SCS Construction help you build, upgrade, or add space to your building.

Our safety initiatives protect people and projects. We work closely with regulatory and industry agencies that promote and support safety, and we’re a member of the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS). We provide and oversee comprehensive safety programs and project site-specific programs. Our commitment to safety ensures our firm reduces risks, increases profits, and completes contracts on time.

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