Construction is one of the most high-risk professions when it comes to workplace safety. According to OSHA, one in five deaths happen in the construction industry, and over 1,000 construction workers died on the job in 2019.

Workplace Safety is First Priority for Employers

These statistics make it all the more important to stay vigilant on the job and keep up to date on safety regulations. Here are a few ways you can keep your construction site and employees safe.

Provide Safety Training

To practice proper safety on the job, workers need training before they even set foot on the site. Instruct workers on what to do to keep themselves and others safe and how to respond to an emergency, should one arise.

Training should help workers understand how to prevent safety incidents and make them feel prepared to handle such events.


Give workers devices that let them communicate easily, like headsets or walkie-talkies. Doing so helps employees plan ahead, coordinate to avoid possible injuries, and warn others of potential dangers. Clear communication creates efficiency and keeps everyone informed to avoid unwelcome or dangerous surprises onsite.

Wear Safety Gear

Many workplace accidents happen because workers don’t wear the proper safety gear. Ensure everyone on your team has the necessary PPE, including hard hats, harnesses, goggles, and other equipment.

Providing this equipment means more than protecting workers from falling objects and slip and fall incidents. It also means having water on hand to prevent dehydration, which can become serious, especially in hot outdoor environments.

New Technology and Best Practices

When new technology and upgraded equipment are available, employers must replace any outdated gear or machinery. Construction is an evolving industry, and you should always use the safest equipment, practices, and resources. Whether that means implementing new regulations or techniques, these can save workers’ lives and lower accident rates on the job.

New equipment might look expensive upfront, but you should always budget for safer technology. It will cost less to buy that equipment than to jeopardize your workers’ safety. If you have broken equipment, make sure you repair or replace it promptly.

Above all, enforce state and federal safety regulations on your job site. At SCS Construction, we ensure that all our workers have the safety training and equipment they need for every job. We value our workers’ and clients’ safety, and we operate with full transparency on every commercial construction project we take on.

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