Safety regulations exist to reduce the risk of construction accidents and injuries. Knowing what to look for on the job site helps prevent them. Here are some of the most common construction site safety problems and how you can avoid them.

What you need to know about construction site safety 

Falling Objects

It doesn’t take a large or heavy object to cause someone to get hurt on the job. Smaller objects like rocks and tools can also present a danger to workers just as easily as lumber or beams.

When you move objects, make sure you load and secure them properly. When not in use, store them in the proper areas. Providing workers with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), like hard hats, also protects them from falling objects.

Stairs and Ladders

Falls are responsible for 33% of construction deaths. Loose or damaged steps on stairs and ladders can cause someone to lose their footing and fall.

Always inspect the area before climbing to ensure it is secure and can hold a person’s weight. For ladders, choose one a few feet longer than you’ll need so you have extra reach. When working at greater heights or with heavier materials, use lifts instead of ladders to give you and your crew a more stable platform.

Face and Eye Exposure

In construction, you can face dangers in the form of particles, vapors, and chemicals in the air. That means you need face and eye protection to avoid cuts, burns, and breathing hazards.

You may need goggles or face shields, but PPE can also include breathing protection. No matter what you use, ensure that all equipment is in good working order to fully shield workers from these hazards.

Loading and Unloading Equipment

Equipment can roll over, and materials can fall if not appropriately secured. Never try to load or unload by yourself. Instead, make sure someone can help you with the task.

Use ramps and clear the area before beginning the loading or unloading process. Ensure loaded equipment is properly secured before moving it.

Crowded Job Sites

Construction sites can get busy, especially when you’re on a deadline, but that’s no excuse to slack on safety. Crowds create danger by exposing more people to a hazard, especially when those people do not need to be present.

Before using equipment, clear the area by beeping the horn or giving a verbal warning to let workers know you’re operating machinery. Supervisors should also give workers the necessary equipment to communicate so everyone can get to a safe location.

Construction site safety is an SCS Construction priority

At SCS Construction, we always ensure our workers’ safety by remaining vigilant of potential workplace hazards. By providing our crew with the proper safety training and equipment, we create an environment that gets the job done on time and without incident. Contact us today at 317-272-0129 and let us know how we can help make your project a reality.

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