Construction management and general construction are similar terms, but different in practice. General construction is, well, very general. Construction projects are usually technically very demanding and highly complex. To plan a building project, a client usually needs several experts and specialists such as architects, structural engineers, building physicists, geologists, and general construction managers. In addition, external bodies such as authorities, energy suppliers, and residents are also involved in building projects.

Making the right decisions is essential when conducting commercial construction projects. As a professional construction service, SCS supports customers with extensive expertise. In this way, we ensure that everything from planning to implementation ultimately corresponds exactly to the individual wishes, work is made more manageable, and costs remain within limits.

What is Construction Management?

Construction management is a project delivery system where the Owner enters into a contract with a qualified contractor, such as SCS, to assume a leadership role and provide direction and administrative services. The Construction Manager (CM) participates in all phases of a project, working closely with the design team to further the Owner’s interests.

General construction contractors specialize in the daily operation and direction of construction projects. They aren’t involved in the pre-construction phase and spend most of their time traveling and working at multiple job sites.

Components of Construction Management

In practice, there are many reasons you should choose a construction management company. We not only deliver high-quality construction elements, but we also offer our customers first-class services. We support commercial customers from the initial consultation through the specific implementation to subsequent maintenance in all phases of a construction project.

Of course, the individual customer requirements come first in all work. For this reason, we attach great importance to direct and personal communication. In addition to architectural aspects, we always pay attention to the profitability of project-specific solutions in our work.

Customized Customer Service

Construction management provides for a wide range of different types of customers. For example, our technicians and fitters regularly work with professional construction companies. Even architects are increasingly turning back to us as professional advice. This is how we help architects, time and again, to convert their visions into concrete solutions.

In addition to commercial customers, our regular customers also include public property developers. Customers from the public sector also benefit from our tailor-made advice and transparent and economic calculation.

Customers will find high-quality building materials with construction management services and all the services they need for the perfect implementation of a building project. In addition to individual advice, we also offer a competent installation service. The vast experience of our specialists pays off, especially in the implementation of large projects.

Long Term Benefits

Choosing SCS Construction ensures the implementation of a commercial construction project that benefits you in the long term. The high product quality in combination with our assembly teams’ technical know-how ensures that business customers can enjoy their building for a long time after completion. Thanks to our maintenance service, individual elements usually remain fully serviceable for decades. In the past, we have successfully participated in many local construction projects, and the above-average customer satisfaction is a direct result of our corporate philosophy.

Regardless of whether you are a construction company, architect, reseller, or public property developer, we are the ideal partner for a large number of business customers. Call us soon to discuss your options at 317-272-0129. We look forward to meeting you.

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