The construction project sequence is quite interesting because it takes many specialists from different backgrounds to come together and share ideas. To be sure, it’s easy to watch a new building spring up seemingly out of nowhere and not think about the sequence of events creating it. Almost all construction projects have some steps in common that every plan needs to consider.

Our team at SCS Construction has a specific construction project sequence we follow when working with our clients. The detailed development plan provides a framework for beginning and ending each project. In particular, our construction sequence gives us timelines, guidelines should any issues crop up, and a completion checklist.

Construction Project Sequence Step 1: Pre-Construction

In reality, the construction project sequence begins before we lay a single brick or build a wall. That is to say, our experts plan every detail of the project from start to finish. Furthermore, our team goes through a thorough pre-construction process to ensure that everything goes smoothly as planned. We take the pre-construction phase very seriously, from filling out the proper paperwork and permits to preparing the budgets and scheduling logistics.

No one wants to prepare to break ground on a building, only to discover that zoning laws or property lines have prevented the construction from starting. We make sure every detail, small to large, is has been checked and double-checked, so there are no issues to stall your project. Some other steps in our pre-construction project sequence include:

  • Developing schedules
  • Preparing budgets and milestone dates
  • Attending meetings
  • Preparing site logistics plans
  • Performing quality checks of bid documents

We also manage the bid projects and assemble the project team, so everyone is on the same page and ready to go as quickly as possible. After the pre-construction phase, we begin the construction phase.

Construction Project Sequence Step 2: Construction

A construction project sequence is an integral piece of our process, from the foundation to the walls to the internal wiring and plumbing. Our team makes sure that every part of the construction phase is correct and in perfect order. We prepare your building site, ensuring it’s ready for the upcoming build. We do everything from clearing the vegetation from the building site and laying the foundation to building the walls.

Our construction project sequence also includes:

  • Getting contracts
  • Establishing billing process
  • Laying out a schedule
  • Developing a quality control plan
  • Developing and implementing a safety plan
  • Timely inspections
  • Managing construction information
  • Supervising construction operations

After building our team and creating project timelines, we begin work quickly, safely, and on schedule.

Construction Project Sequence Step 3: Post-Construction

The final piece of our construction project sequence is just as crucial as the pre-construction process. Our work at SCS construction isn’t done after we’ve constructed your building. The post-construction phase includes:

  • Finishing all punchlist items
  • Completing and submitting as-built drawings and documents
  • Completing training
  • Final retention release

Our warranty phase lasts up to 6 months for systems inspection and a walk-through warranty of one year. We also help with any follow-up inspections, needs, or questions.

Begin and End Your Project with SCS Construction

Guarantee your construction project starts and ends quickly, efficiently, and without hassle by contacting SCS Construction today. With an unbeatable safety record and more than 16 years of hands-on experience, we take your biggest construction jobs and ensure that they begin and end with detailed construction project planning, a top-notch team of specialists, and a dedicated commitment to safety and excellence.

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