When we think of construction, we think about things like hardhats, bulldozers, and jackhammers. However, there are a lot of different classifications and types under the commercial construction umbrella. In layman’s terms, repairing, build, or maintaining commercial structures is what comprises commercial construction.

Buildings under the umbrella of commercial construction include sports arenas, malls, hospitals, storefronts, and stadiums. Think of it this way: if people do business out of them, the buildings are commercial. There are three types of commercial construction. Their categorization depends on the materials used, the size of the building, and the size of the job.

Institutional and Commercial Construction

For instance, schools, stadiums, shopping centers, and skyscrapers fall under the commercial construction category. Like residential housing construction, institutional and commercial building involves building new structures and repairing and maintaining existing ones. In most cases, a company or private owner requests a project such as a retail store or an office building. Governments often pay for and manage other projects like stadiums, schools, and medical centers.

Construction, renovation, and general remodeling of commercial structures are the responsibilities of general contractors. A general contractor manages and builds a commercial construction project. In addition to commercial and residential construction, general contractors may also work in other sectors. Unlike commercial construction projects, residential construction is strictly for personal housing.

Although a general contractor may be educated and experienced in residential and commercial construction, they may specialize in one or the other. It’s a good idea to ask the general contractor you are considering what kind of industries they serve before hiring them.

Three Types of Commercial Construction

1. Type One: Small-Scale Construction

Small-scale construction involves smaller jobs that require a short period of time and primarily focus on fixing a building’s interior and exterior. If your local business needs remodeling, repaired after taking on storm damage, or maintained after minor issues, then small-scale construction service is called for.

2. Type Two: Medium-Scale Construction

Medium-scale construction is more extensive than simply maintaining the structure of the business building or doing a remodel. This involves upgrading the business’s interior, expanding the structure, and building small businesses from the ground up. An example of medium-scale construction is a business that needs a second floor.

Unlike small-scale construction, more materials and time are needed to finish a medium-scale project. Some of these commercial construction projects take several months to a year to complete.

3. Type Three: Large-Scale Construction

Large scale projects are the biggest builds and require the most time. The size of large-scale construction encompasses structures such as skyscrapers, hotels, roads, schools, and airports. Governments or commercial development companies tend to fund these projects. As a rule, they are the projects that require many different trades and skills, take a greater length of time, and use the largest pieces of equipment.

Renovation and repair of these megaprojects also fall under the umbrella of large-scale construction projects as they do take a while to complete.

Different Sub-classifications of Commercial Construction Projects

Aside from having different scales of commercial construction, the builds are often categorized into classes A, B, and C. Class A buildings are in a good location and have excellent quality. Class B properties have good construction but could be in a better location. Finally, class C buildings tend to need complete repairs as they are often run down and located in less desirable areas.

Buildings are also classified by their materials and fire-resistance rating, on a scale of Type One to Type Five. A Type One classification is a building entirely and strictly made of non-combustible material, and Type Five is a building made from the most combustible material. The scale graduates from one extreme to the other.

A lot goes into constructing commercial projects besides laying the foundation and hammering away with tools. There are broad areas of construction as well as finite details to make everything function properly and look its best. Picking the best construction experts to build or expand your business is the right way to approach the project.

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